Learn everything about our Signal Box Apartment

Mar 5, 2023

Enjoy a unique holiday in our beautifully restored Signal Box. You can’t get much closer to the Kyle Line! But with just 4 trains a day you can be assured of plenty of peace and quiet.

The original Signal Box was built for the completion of the Kyle Line Railway in 1897. It is believed to be by Mackenzie & Holland, specialist manufacturers and installers of railway signalling equipment and signal boxes. It is built to their standard design but incorporating the 1 and 2 boarding [explain] used by the Highland Railway on many of its timber buildings.

As the railway has moved towards centralised signalling and train control signal boxes became redundant. [when did ours cease functioning?]A fire in the 1980s destroyed much of the building. In our Museum you can see some of the objects that were salvaged from the fire, alongside original signalling equipment.

In [date] the Friends of the Kyle Line took over the lease and set about the major task of restoring and converting it. The building was painted in the original brown Highland Railway signalbox livery as it would have been in 1897.